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Buy Tax Lien Certificates and Earn up to 50% Return by Marvin Mitchell
11 January 2006

No matter what your age, it is never too late (or too early) to begin planning for the future. The longer plans are put off, the more money it's going to take to fulfill those plans. The only way to get out of the rat race and on to the path that leads to wealth and prosperity is to get your money working for you.

In this special report I am going to introduce an investment opportunity that produces returns just as high if not higher than the stock market, and just as safe and secure as real estate.

In my opinion, there is no better way to get your money working for you then by investing in government issued, real estate secured tax lien certificates.

One of the major side effects of the recent recession is the inability of home owners to pay their real estate property taxes.

The collection of real estate property taxes is a major priority in every taxing district in the USA. If the county is unable to collect property taxes it is also unable to provide important government services like police, fire, and schooling.

To avoid this, the county places a tax lien on the property with delinquent property taxes and then sells the delinquent tax debt to investors. Everyone is happy, the county gets their money, the delinquent tax payer get's more time to pay their already past-due property taxes and the investor gets a real estate secured, high yielding investment.

Tax Lien Certificate Investors are Reaping Annualized Returns of.. 16% per Year in all 15 counties in the state of Arizona, 18% per Year in all 67 counties in the state of Florida, and 50% per Year in all 254 counties in the state of Texas

For "risk-adverse" investors, government issued tax lien certificates are the ideal investment for your hard-earned dollar. Just imagine receiving predictable, high rate returns from the government. How is it that, "You ask?" Basically, you invest your money with the government and when the government collects the past due taxes, the government sends you a check, returning what you paid to purchase the tax lien certificate plus high interest.

Best of all these government-issued tax lien certificates are "fort-knox" safe. They are safe in multiple ways. They are safe because the rise and fall of interest rates has no effect on tax lien certificates. Interest rates on tax lien certificates are mandated by law.

Two things can happen when you buy a tax lien certificate, either you get high interest rate returns or you get the real estate for pennies on the dollar as payment for the nonpayment of taxes and interest.

The whole process begins when property owners let the real estate property taxes go unpaid. To get their money quickly the county sells the Tax Certificate Lien on a property that has delinquent taxes to an Investor.

When the Real Estate Property Owner pays the taxes owed (Including Interest & Penalties) to the County or Taxing District, the Investor is notified to return the certificate. When the county or taxing district receives the Tax Lien Certificate, the Investor is paid the amount of the certificate, plus interest, meanwhile the county or taxing district has had the money it needed to run the government.

After the redemption or "Waiting Period" has passed, i.e. 12 months in Georgia and 180 days in Texas, the winning bidder Forecloses out the "Right of Redemption" and becomes the new owner of the real estate;  or

The property owner pays the delinquent taxes and penalties within the statute mandated "Redemption Period" and maintains ownership of the real estate.

At tax deed auctions, the county sells the property to the winning bidder. Typically, the opening bid at a tax deed sale is just the back taxes. And in many cases it's FREE and CLEAR of all junior liens and mortgages.

It's not uncommon to pick up the real estate for 10%, 20%, 50% up to 95% below market value. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that it only takes a few tax deed deals to make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

You may be asking yourself, "Where do I start, and how can I get involved?" Simply, visit our website, The Tax Lien Certificates Network at and all your questions will be answered.

About the Author
The author is a professional investor who has invested over $925,000 in tax lien certificates. He offers home-study guides that teaches the lay person how to build a secure future investing in tax-defaulted paper.

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