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Affordable Eyeglasses
by David Stanowski
01 March 2007

If you have a need to purchase eyeglasses, I'm sure you are aware that prices are out of line with reality! With the technological advances, in manufacturing, over the last 20-30 years, prices should be dropping instead of running well ahead of the rate of inflation. Apparently, eyeglasses are being priced like other goods and services in the health-care sector, rather than many consumer goods.

The best way to search for lower prices, for anything that you are trying to buy, is usually on the Internet, but a casual search for low-priced eyeglasses was unsuccessful. This is because the sites with high rankings returned the same kind of prices found at many discount stores like Walmart and Sam's Club. It took 2-3 hours, of digging deeper and deeper into the search results, to finally hit the Mother Lode!

After sorting through about 400-500 search results, I finally found six web sites that offer eyeglasses at prices that beat the popular discount stores by a substantial margin!
Cheap Glasses 123

Of course, once you find these sites, you have to spend some more time sorting through them to compare prices on the kind of eyeglasses you want, and the differences in
ordering procedures. Finally, as with any on-line order, the final decision is usually made based on how comfortable you feel to send your hard earned money to the company represented on each web site.

After spending some time on each of these web sites, it seemed to me that
had the lowest prices on most types of glasses. However, it would be wise for you to review all six companies and see what you think. You will learn a lot about eyeglasses as you do! is the only company that we have ordered from, and we have been very satisfied with their product. When I started the research on this subject, a pair of bi-focals at Walmart was running as low as about $200, but could go much higher, depending on the frames you select. At Sam's Club, you might be able to get bi-focals for as low as $150, but you could pay much more.

At, you can get bifocals as low as $15.99, and single-vision glasses for as low as $7.99!! Now that's real savings!!

When you order eyeglasses on-line, you can't try them on, so you have to become familiar with frame sizing specifications. Frame sizes are defined by four numbers. The first number is the lens width, the second is the bridge width, the third is the temple length, and the fourth is the lens height.

Eyeglass Sizes

Eyeglass Sizes

This means that when you buy frames, you will see specifications like 56-18-145-45. These frames have a lens width of 56 mm, a bridge width of 18 mm, a temple length of 145 mm, and a lens height of 45 mm.
Eyeglass Sizes

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