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Election Campaign 2010
by David Stanowski
12 May 2008

The 2010 election campaign starts today!

Congratulations to the Mayor, and all the candidates who were elected to City Council, on Saturday, but now that the celebrating is done, it is time to start the next campaign. Campaigns are the discussions of ideas and policies that are carried on outside of the halls of government, which is why they are more important than mere elections. It is high time that the residents of Galveston stepped up the level of their political discourse, and started this dialog well before the 2010 elections! The Galveston Founders Party will be leading the effort by using the next two years to inform residents about our policies and vision for the City.

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Galveston currently finds itself in a state of resignation and hopelessness that the long slow economic decline that began about 1985, in the "City Center", can not be reversed. This is one of the main reasons why voter turnout was so low on Saturday. As is often the case, it is much more difficult for slow declines to trigger strong voter reaction, than it is for a sudden major crisis. However, it should be becoming more obvious that our economic decline is a major crisis, so, hopefully, it will begin to motivate more political involvement by the residents of this city!

Since the launch of the Galveston Founders Party, it has been very flattering for so many people to tell me that I should run for Mayor, but I wanted to make it clear that it has never been my intention to run for office. In addition, 
I do not seek appointment to an agency like the Park Board, or the planning commission, because I prefer to function free of those organizational limitations. I started the GFP as a vehicle to bring people together to develop policies that can reverse the decline of the City Center, and bring about a revitalization of the heart of the City.

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Very few politicians, at the state or national level,  develop policies on their own. They look to their staff, and think tanks to bring them new ideas, and then it is their job to sponsor and guide them through the legislative process.

It is unrealistic and unfair to expect our part-time city legislators to perform this function on their own. That is why the primary function of the Galveston Founders Party will be to serve as a think tank on local issues.

However, the GFP also hopes to support a full slate of candidates for the 2010 elections. If we are sufficiently persuasive, it is quite possible that some of the current office holders will begin to adopt GFP policies, which means that we would support their re-election in 2010. However, we also want to start recruiting candidates for those districts whose representatives continue to pursue a conflicting agenda.

Now is the time to begin identifying people who will want to run for Mayor and City Council on the GFP platform in 2010. Too much is at stake to leave this matter until the last minute.

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